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Speak Better

I can help you:

  • If you have to make presentations and speeches for your work and want to improve your effectiveness
  • If you have a regional or foreign accent and wish to speak more correctly
  • If you have to prepare for an interview or meeting
  • If you want your voice to sound more lively and interesting
  • If you find yourself embarrassed and tongue-tied on social occasions

I have methods, exercises and advice which can get results quickly so that you learn:

  • How to slow down – going too fast is the commonest fault - but how to control it?
  • How to use emphasisers and amplifiers to reinforce your speech
  • How to moderate an accent and speak Professional English
  • How to overcome nervousness and shyness and become more confident
  • How to be comfortable in any space and include every member of a large audience

Areas covered include:

Confidence, Vocal Habits, Relaxation, Breathing, Voice Production, Voice Exercises, Pronunciation, Emphasisers, Amplifiers, The Language of Eyes, Face, Body and Tone of Voice, Social Situations, Public Speaking, Presentation, Visual Aids, Material, Camera Technique, Meetings, Interviews, Using the Telephone.

I also provide 1:1 sessions on preparing for auditions, drama school entry, showreel preparation, work with scripts etc.


See a list of past clients here.


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